General Questions

Currently the maximum amount we give out as a loan is 200,000 JMD this amount has been growing steadily and will continue to grow along with our offerings.

There is no additional fee for early repayment, so feel free to pay it back as soon as you are able!

Feel free to apply whenever you have gathered all of the necessary documents to get your loan approved. Here are the requirements once again:

  • Three most recent payslips
  • Government Issued ID, TRN & Proof of Address. 
  • 2 References (one must be a family member)

About KPLoans

We do not have a physical office location at the moment as we have decided to relocate to Kingston, we’re surveying different locations soon.

Our loan application process is quick and easy, and your cash is instantly transfer to your account once your loan is approved.

Yes, as long as your employer agrees to the salary deduction agreement, then we can offer you a loan.

No, at the moment we only offer personal loans. we are expanding our offering so this will be an option soon!

How do I Apply?

The following documents are necessary to complete the application process.

  • Three most recent payslips
  • Government Issued ID, TRN & Proof of Address. 
  • 2 References (one must be a family member)

After you’ve gathered these documents successfully complete our quick 5 step process.

Get your loan in 5 easy steps!


  1. Fill out the application form. 


  1. Submit required documents for verification and approval.


  1. Complete Salary Deduction Form sent to your email. Sign and email.


  1. Agree to terms and conditions by signing Legal Agreement Forms and email it back to us.


  1. Collect your loan!

You can collect your loan as soon as 24 hours after completing the application process.

Please use the eligibility calculator to determine how much you qualify for you can follow this link to do so.

Loan Eligibility Calculator

After I Collect My Loan

You are expected to start making payments 30 days after receiving your loan.

short term 12% per month after 6 months caps 72%

Long term.  37% simple interest per year.

monthly interest rate 3.0833% for loans one year or more.

If the loan is longer  than 3 years it requires approval.


Short term 6.5% with a minimum interest payout of $2,000.00

Long term reducing balance @ 25% per year

This is done automatically, once you complete the salary deduction agreement, then we will begin deducting the repayment amount directly from your salary.

After You Are Approved

No, we only charge an interest rate on our loan products.

Sadly, we currently do not offer loans to clients residing overseas.

Immediately after repaying your last loan feel free to apply once more!

This time we only require your last three payslips if you’ve applied before.